Sell Your Property

Valuate and sell or rent your property

A first step in your real estate project

BARNES provides a reliable and confidential property valuation service. Our luxury real estate agents draw on their expertise and experience in the luxury real estate market to evaluate your property.

Knowledge of property market prices

The BARNES real estate agents are recognised skilled professionals in international high-end real estate, and receive regular training in their field. Efficient and discreet in their work, they draw on their experience to provide a realistic and relevant valuation of your property.

Confidential valuation at the property

The BARNES agents visit each property in order to best assess its characteristics so as to provide a high-quality, accurate and realistic valuation. The estimated value and the location of the property remain confidential, and are only disclosed to buyers with a real interest in purchasing, and of course with your agreement.

Selling a property

  • Signing of the mandate

Once the agent has determined the exact value of your property, BARNES can handle all of the steps leading up to its final sale: administrative management, viewings, negotiations, document drafting, etc.

  • Notice of sale

Around the world - and particularly in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and the United States, where BARNES has multiple offices - our clients have instant access to all premium properties for sale in the most stunning cities and holiday destinations.

BARNES, the first player in the prestige real estate market to sell your property via cryptocurrency:  

After web 2.0 and social networks, technology offers us new means of communication thanks to web 3.0 materialized by Metaverses, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These environments have already seduced many investors, including luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior), who are convinced that the future of the web lies in 3.0.

Digital is at the heart of our strategy to integrate innovation into our customer journey. It is therefore natural that, as a key player in the luxury industry, we can offer you new experiences that allow you to rediscover real estate through enriched virtual immersions and to accelerate the stages of a real estate sale thanks to technology.

After having made a few sales in cryptocurrencies in the United States, BARNES has the ambition to be the first prestigious real estate brand to succeed in a 100% crypto operation in Europe with an advantageous tax system and sale times ranging from 3 to 12 weeks*.
We were therefore keen to announce the possibility of selling your property in cryptocurrencies and thus interest a wider population of investors who have succeeded in this future sector.

*As soon as a promise to sell is signed, depending on the particularities (place and country of residence, company holding the property,...)