Art Advisory

BARNES Art advisory assists its clients with their art acquisitions and sales.

Thanks to its personalized services in the sale of artworks on the primary or secondary market, from the sale of a single work to an entire collection, BARNES Art Advisory provides its clients with an approach that ensures expertise and efficiency with the support of experts, galleries and auction houses specially selected for each situation.

The purchase or sale of a property can also involve administrative and logistics procedures in connection with these art assets, requiring the intervention of numerous service providers. BARNES Art Advisory has a network of professionals capable of handling the transport, installation, insurance and, if needed, restoration of works of art. With the option of assistance on the tax-related aspects of the collections concerned.

Lastly, as a dynamic player in the art market since 2000, at the instigation of its founder Heidi Barnes, BARNES Art Advisory organises a programme of regular exhibitions at prestigious venues where the brand is established and enters into partnerships with major artistic events.